Grant Money to Self-Publish Your Comic Book

The Xeric Foundation can make self-publishing your comic a reality.

I first discovered the Xeric Foundation through Bebe Williams, a webcomics pioneer whose “Bobby Ruckers” comic book was the recipient of a Xeric grant. Founded by, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator, Peter A. Laird, the Xeric Foundation offers financial assistance to committed, self-publishing comic book creators and nonprofit organizations.

Two key points should be noted: Xeric’s assistance is not intended to fully finance the artist and writer through the entire process of self-publishing; Xeric grants don’t exceed $5,000.

Needful Things:
#1. Six “Clean” Copies of a Completed Comic Book (art and narrative)
#2. Six Copies of Completed Xeric Foundation Application Package
#3. Talent

Step 1:
Study the nature of the Xeric grant before you apply. While the grant can be used for the physical production and distribution of your comic book, it cannot be used for obtaining services from other publishers, or for travel, business or living expenses. It also can’t be used for art supplies, websites, T-shirts or any other promotional items.

Step 2:
Evaluate the competency level of your artwork, writing, and narrative; is the comic the best it can be? Keep in mind the Xeric Foundation will only review art and narrative together.

Step 3:
Xeric Foundation grants are not awarded on financial need alone, bu need can play a contributing factor in receiving it. A financial statement is part of the application package. Make sure to gather all requested information. The application process appears daunting; don’t give up.

Step 4:
Write a cover letter that includes the project title and the amount of money needed.

Step 5:
Write a separate statement of purpose describing why you’re applying for a Xeric grant.

Step 6:
Prepare a detailed budget of the expenses you expect to incur during production.

Step 7:
Make six copies of the application package, including copies of the artwork. Put each package in a separate envelope.

Step 8:
Send the application packages to Xeric Foundation 351 Pleasant St., #214 Northampton, MA 01060

Xeric Foundation grants are available for Canadian citizens.

According to the Foundation’s website, “there are no strings attached regarding copyrights, trademarks, etc.”

Be aware of submission deadlines.


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